What’s AI Smart Technology?

AI Smart technology utilizes deep-learning algorithms to integrate with security cameras and video recorders, enabling the automatic detection of human and vehicle activity through real-time video analytics. This technology can then send instant notifications directly to the user's mobile device, reducing the chances of false alarms caused by natural elements such as animals, falling leaves, or heavy rain.

As a result, AI Smart technology provides businesses and homeowners with a more targeted and effective security system that focuses on real threats, rather than wasting resources on false alarms. This easy-to-use and affordable Artificial Intelligence solution is now available to a diverse range of users in the mass market.

By leveraging the power of AI, users can benefit from the increased accuracy and efficiency of their security systems, allowing them to feel more secure and confident in their protection against potential threats.

Where can I use AI Smart?

Our customers use AI Smart-enabled devices for a wide range of residential and business applications, both indoors and out.

Alarm receiving center / monitoring center

“Being able to focus on human and vehicle-triggered alarms with minimal distraction greatly improves work efficiency.”


“Now I get notified when people are entering the warehouse, not when a cat runs into the area. ”

Restricted Areas

“It's great that I can use my security camera to verbally warn anyone who approaches the area."


“I instantly get alerts and can check with my phone when someone walks into my yard.”

Which products come equipped with AI Smart?

As our flagship technology, AI Smart puts AI-powered security at everyone’s disposal.

It is available in the majority of our product lines, from entry-level products to advanced models.

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