4MP 25X IR Dual lens PTZ Camera


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  • Support both panorama and details, and keep key areas under monitoring after pan, tilt, and zoom maneuvers, without losing important information.
  • The panoramic channel supports F1.0 full-color lens, maintaining a good colorful image at night.
  • Both panorama and detail channels support AcuSense to improve alarm accuracy for people and vehicles.
  • Supports the linkage between panorama and detail channel, supports 3D positioning through the panoramic channel (PTZ will rotate to the specified position), and manual tracking (PTZ will track the target which is manually selected).
  • Both panorama and detail cameras are 4MP resolution, panorama camera supports 25X optical zoom

Big picture and Details in One View

The PTZ Linkage camera integrates multiple lenses in one security camera to provide big picture and small details in one view.Equipped with this technology, the camera displays a broad view even when panning, tilting, or zooming. Users will see everything and miss nothing at any given moment, getting situational awareness from the moment they set up the camera.

Shortcomings of Conventional PTZ

Why PTZ Linkage Camera

Big Picture and Details, In One View

3D Positioning Improves Live View Efficiency

A 3D model is built based on automatic calibration results to match coordinates of positions on bullet channel and PTZ channel.

3D Positioning function enables users to view the detailed image in PTZ channel with high efficiency by marking the interested area in the bullet channel.

AcuSense Technology Brings Intelligence and Efficiency

Focus on Human and Vehicle Only human or vehicle can trigger alarms while other targets are disregarded.Quick Target Search Find the video you need more quickly with classified video footage in NVRs.

Enjoy Multiple Advantages of The Integrated Design


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