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Hungarian car dealership CarNet FOR-TOP Ltd. recognized the importance of ensuring top-notch security for their multi-million dollar inventory, but found that manual security patrols were driving up operating costs. To overcome this challenge, they turned to us for an AI-powered perimeter protection solution. The implementation of this innovative solution has enabled CarNet FOR-TOP to conduct remote security monitoring more efficiently, while also automating their car-rental processes for additional cost savings. As a result, they achieved a remarkable 100% ROI in less than eight months.

The solution: smart video technology

CarNet FOR-TOP Ltd. is the official dealership andservice centerfor Ford and Peugeot in Hungary, operating across four sites in the Győr, Sopron and Tatabánya regions. With millions of dollars invested in assets such as vehicles, buildings, and tools, the company faces the challenge of maintaining 24x7 on-site security teams to manage and monitor their operations. However, the costs associated with manual security processes and staffing are significant. In an effort to increase efficiency and maximizesite security, CarNet FOR-TOP Ltd. sought new systems to automate their security monitoring operations. They also aimed to automate the process of checking rental cars returned by customers to reduce reliance on manual processes and minimize staffing requirements and related expenses.

To enhance their site security and automate rental car checks, CarNet FOR-TOP Ltd. collaborated with local security partner Derik Hungária Kft (Derik Group) and implemented a smart video solution provided by us. The solution features AcuSense fixed bullet cameras and an AcuSense Network Video Recorder (NVR), DS-7732NXI-I4/4S, which automate the monitoring of the site perimeter. These AI-powered products are capable of detecting unauthorized individuals entering the CarNet FOR-TOP Ltd. site and trigger 'line crossing' alerts. The system then sends an alarm to the Derik Group operating center, which quickly dispatches guards to the site.

The AcuSense cameras come equipped with DarkFighter technology for crystal-clear video imaging, even in very-low light conditions or at night. This ensures that security breaches are captured on camera in vivid detail, providing evidence for investigations.

In addition to protecting the site perimeter, the solution also automates and streamlines CarNet FOR-TOP Ltd.'s car rental processes, including vehicle collection and drop-off. Video intercoms are used by operators to guide customers on where and how to pick up and drop off their rental cars. High-resolution Fixed Mini Bullet cameras and other Fixed Bullet cameras positioned at different angles are then used to check that the returned vehicles are undamaged.

The benefits: efficiency gains and rapid ROI

Thanks to the implementation of the smart video solution, CarNet FOR-TOP Ltd. has significantly improved its operating efficiency by eliminating the need for on-site security staff. Furthermore, the company has increased its site security measures with the ability to detect, verify, and respond to security threats in real-time. With the system's ability to minimize false alarms, security costs have considerably decreased, allowing security teams to focus more on responding to genuine threats.

Throughout the installation process, we provided excellent technical and local language support to the Derik Group, meeting all project quality, cost, and time KPIs.

Imre Mózes, CEO of CarNet FOR-TOP Ltd., states, "Our objective with this project was to transition from manual, on-site security monitoring to far more efficient, cost-effective remote security. The automated 'line-crossing' detection feature of the solution has enabled us to achieve our efficiency goals. Additionally, we have streamlined our car rental processes, resulting in even more significant efficiency gains."

Thanks to the outstanding ROI projection, CarNet FOR-TOP Ltd.'s smart video solution is expected to pay for itself in just six to eight months, delivering major cost and time savings. Based on this success, the company has decided to implement similar remote security solutions across all four of its sites in Győr, Sopron, and Tatabánya.

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